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...Says No Foreigner Will Develop Nigeria

From Chikas Ohadoma in Abuja with agency report

President Olusegun Obas-anjo has said that no foreigner will develop the country and asked Nige-rians to work harder in order to possess the land as efforts are being made to turn the nation around to attain prosperity.

Obasanjo, at a programme tagged "The Nigeria Turning Point" organised by the Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria (PFN) at the weekend enjoined Nigerians to be steadfast in their effort to revive and revitalise the ailing nation by forsaking their selfish, envious, greedy and corrupt past and work towards making Nigeria a unique and respected nation, "a land where you will be proud to call your own."Obasanjo who arrived the Papal ground, Kubwa, Abuja, venue of the event at 12.25 a.m and mounted the podium at 1.04 am, stressed that in possessing the land there would be some adversaries but assured that through combined efforts Nigeria shall be made a great nation it was destined to be.Making a biblical allusion, Obasanjo reminded that "When the children of Israel were going to possess the land, they were not told there were not going to be adversaries, we are possessing the land and what land are we possessing/ God has given us a great country to possess. A land flowing with milk and honey but are we ready to possess it?""When you want to possess something you must exercise effort. This land will not be possessed without some exercise on our part and our adversaries are in two parts, some are within us individually like greed, selfishness, envy, corruption and these are some of the adversaries to fight. Some of them are difficult to give up. We will not give up we will fight the adversaries."Other set of adversaries is in ourselves. Men and women citizens of Nigeria, those who do not wish their country well, they see nothing good in their fellow human beings in the land. Some give up before they start and they came back and said they saw giants."There is no forbidden giant in Nigeria. We will possess the land. I do not see giants, I see dwarfs. If you see giants, you are defeated.Obasanjo reminded unpatriotic Nigerians that in developed countries "some people sacrificed and laboured before they became developed. He also reminded them "you are second class citizens in other countries, Nigeria is your only country," and promised that because there will be a turning point in the nation's economic, spiritual, political and other areas of this nation, "we are possessing the land. Don't let us take it lightly. Children of Israel did not have it easy and even in their way to possess it. Moses saw the land but did not enter but this one together we will possess and together we will reach the Promised Land. We will posses the land flowing with milk and honey."Obasanjo called on Nigerians to pray for forgiveness and for the grace to possess the land because Nigeria has all the ability and capability to posses the land "the calibre of men and women in all works of life, the resources and the funds we have mismanaged, we have to ask for forgiveness and make up our mind to make good use of our resources.He also stressed on the need for a turning point in Nigeria. "Let me just touch on two or three points which you must have touched upon during the period of this meeting. Tonight we have heard it in songs and I know that at the end of this meeting you will feel, you will see and you will go away realising that you have a turning point. Children of God, you know what it means to turn; it means that the direction you were going you are going in a new direction. Nigeria is going on a new direction. It means that the children of God, the church and the government are going to a new direction."Obasanjo continued and said that "the time has come for Nigeria to turn and the place to turn is in Nigeria. To turn to the Lord God Almighty. Children of God you know if you see something turning before and you are not turning...So when you are in a turning point at a turning place you need to turn and ask yourself 'are you taking the opportunity' ask yourself to make sure you are turning."We are turning to make Nigeria a new nation, are you turning to make yourself a new man?Also the President of the PFN, Bishop Mike Okonkwo, said that the challenge before Nigeria is not physical but spiritual and insisted that for Nigeria to have a turning point, something has to be done spiritually, which he added was the essence of the gathering.The vigil was convened by Bishop Wale Oke of the Sword Ministry "to break the vicious cycle of political instability which has bedeviled the country since 1963".Obasanjo further said the country had been misruled for long by past leaders and that his administration had ushered in a turning point.He defined turning point as leaving an old direction to start working in a new direction."If you observe intelligently what is happening in the society, you will need nobody to tell you that Nigeria is turning for good," he said."Nigerians should not be surprised at the obstacles facing the country on its march toward progress, because they cannot stop us. I see them not as giants but as dwarfs," he added.Earlier, Oke had said that he was inspired to organise the vigil to break the recurring political problem, which had haunted Nigeria, especially in 1963, 1973, 1983 and 1993.

Professor Jerry Gana, the Minister of Information and National orientation, Mrs Dupe Adelaja, the Minister of Solid Mineral Development and transport minister, Ojo Maduekwe were among the dignitaries, who attended the vigil.