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In Response to possessing Land

By Gbenga Adeoba

Yes we have been ready

to posses the Land.

Since Operation feed the nation that yielded nothing but an otta farm

We have been ready to posses the land since Fela's Kuti's Mother was murdered

We have been ready to posses the land since fight against corruption was announced four years ago. "We Had Hope"

We have been ready to posses the land since the promise of electricity for all by 2002

But a man that cannot understand where he has failed

Can never make amends

Nigerians have been ready to posses

when they voted you in four years ago

How can you give the nation

running shoes without laces

and expect them to run?

By the way that was an exaggeration ,Nigerians do not even have shoes lest talk about laces

Nigerian's have endured the unendurable without water, light, food, inadequate medical care ,bombing even when there is no War.Mass destruction of property without compensation, loss of life to crime due to inadequate policing, Yet it's up to us to posses the land?Yes you are right no foreigner will develop Nigeria because they will not invest in a Volatile environment. And since, you have spent so much time abroad begging for investors perhaps you might put some of that effort in getting your home in order.And exactly how should the poor graduates work harder when there are no jobs for them?Of Particular concern is the degredation of our university system where our Sisters and daughters are subjected to adverse poverty that leads to degredation of life where a bright young prospective female has to rely on sexual favours to complete her education and what lies at the end of the tunnel?How much harder does "Sir want them to work"?Perhaps the working harder should start from the Government. Let everyone be deprived all expenses cut, sacrifice for all, Perhaps some officials might realise the dangers of Nigeria without escorts(maybe they might be more inclined to do something). I was in London the other day and saw a Minister filling his own petrol tank at a filling station!!.Perhaps you should learn that god helps those that help themselves . Yes God has given a land with milk and honey and it has been turned into a land of poverty,corruption,violence,greed and the Milk and honey remains with the government while the people suffer. What an Insult to Nigerians what a disgrace to the government.