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Bangida, understanding the man...
The article on P7 of Daily Trust of Monday 15/09/03 on the above subject refers... The article was written by one Mohammed Jameel Yusha'u. The subject-matter was none other than the controversial General B. Babangida, former (military) president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.
Cashing in on Babangida bashing
On a crisp Saturday morning late last year, while traveling to Kaduna, I noticed a mammoth crowd gather within the vicinage of Zuma Rock -- on the right side of Abuja-Kaduna Expressway. For those who have never seen this tourist beauty before, it’s indeed an awesome sight.
No Foreigner Will Develop Nigeria
President Olusegun Obas-anjo has said that no foreigner will develop the country and asked Nige-rians to work harder in order to possess the land as efforts are being made to turn the nation around to attain prosperity.
Response to possessing Land
Nigerian's have endured the unendurable without water, light, food, inadequate medical care ,bombing even when there is no War.Mass destruction of property without compensation, loss of life to crime due to inadequate policing, Yet it's up to us to posses the land?Yes you are right no foreigner will develop Nigeria because they will not invest in a Volatile environment.